Bhoomi RTC KLR Login- Bhoomi Login, Mojini V3, Citizens Login (All)

If you are also a resident of RTC KLR Karnataka state and you also want to view the digital land records of Karnataka state online with the help of the Bhoomi Online RTC Portal, then this facility has been provided to you by the Government of Karnataka.

Karnataka State Government has provided this portal to you to view any type of land records online. So that this portal has been started to provide transparency and major services in information related to land records to the residents of any state.

Here I am telling you that with the help of Karnataka RTC Online Land Records Portal, you can avail of all the services that you want to avail, of we are going to give you detailed information about all these members.

After Login Access Services

i-Wallet Service login

Certified Original Copy of RTC and MR, History,
Verify, Print and, and Other Services

Citizen Portal Login 

Agricultural Land Conversion, i-RTC,
Section 109 Permission

Survey Document Login

Atlas, Survey Pakka Book, Tippan, Akarband,
FMB, Survey Prati Book

Bhoomi Online Login
(Mutation Services)

Inheritance Khatha change, Land conversion,
Land Acquisition, Phodi, Pledge & release,
Objection, RTC Typological Correction

EODB Services Login

Data Entry for Basic Details and Upload
the documents related to Crackers, Explosive,
Petroleum, Cinemas by Citizen
Provided ByBhoomi RTC Online
Provice ByRTC (Pahani), MR and
Other Land Records Karnataka
LaunchedKarnataka Government
Managed Bhoomi Monitoring Cell (BMC) Revenue Department

Available Services of Karnataka Land Records Bhoomi RTC Online

  • RTC Services >
    • View RTC and MR (Pahani)
    • View Khata Extract
    • View RTC Information
    • I – RTC
    • I – RTC Wallet
  • Report Services >
    • Dispute Cases
    • Village Wise Pendency
    • Bhoomi Dashboard
    • Bhoomi RTC Mutation History
    • Bhoomi DI Dashboard
  • Land Conversion Services >
    • Apply Online for Land Conversion
    • View Conversion Request Status
    • Download Final Conversion Orders
  • Survey (SSLR) Services >
    • Viewing of Survey Documents
    • Request for Survey Documents
    • Revenue Maps
  • Other Services >
    • Bhoomi
    • Crop Loan Waiver System
    • Mojini
    • Parihara
    • Name Matcha Algorithm
    • Dishaank
    • Pahani Online | I – RTC
    • Citizen Portal
    • Binary File to Convert ISFOC to UNICODE
  • Mojini V3
  • Mojini V3 Application Status
  • Mojini Pendency Report
  • Bhoomi RTC Online Contact Details
  • Other Land Services

i-RTC Wallet/(i-Wallet Services) Login

You can also easily avail the benefits of i-RTC Wallet or e-wallet service. Here, with the help of this service, you can easily download the original copy of your land record by adding payment to this wallet.

For this, you will have to go to this portal and log in so that you can easily check all the information related to the land of any area, village, or district.

i-RTC Wallet/(i-Wallet Services) Login

i-Wallet Services

  • I-RTC
  • I-MR
  • Nadakacheri Services
  • Wallet Manager
  • I-RTC History
  • Crop Loan Waiver Certificate Bank
  • Crop Loan Waiver Certificate PACS
  • Survey Document
  • Re-Print I-MR
  • Re-Print I-RTC
  • Verify I-MR
  • Verify I-RTC
  • I-MR History

Citizen Login for Revenue Services

Citizens are also given the option to access all the information related to the Revenue Service through the Bhoomi RTC Karnataka Portal.

Just here you have to log in to the portal, if you do not have a login ID and password,

So first of all you go to the Register button and login into this portal with the help of which you can also avail the benefits of the Citizen Revenue Service Portal.

Login for Revenue Services

  • Agricultural Land Conversion
  • i-RTC
  • Section 109 Permission

Survey Document for Citizen

To avail of the service of Survey Document for Citizen, you will first have to log in here, for which you will need a User ID and password, with the help of which you will be able to access this portal.

So that you can get the information on all the survey documents related to it. For this, you either have to log in or if you do not have the login ID or password then register here.

Survey Document for Citizen

1. Atlas (ಅಟ್ಲಾಸ್)
2. Survey Pakka Book (ಸರ್ವೆ ಪಕ್ಕಾ ಪುಸ್ತಕ)
3. Tippan (ಟಿಪ್ಪಣಿ)
4. Akarband (ಆಕಾರಬಂದು)
5. FMB (ಎಫ್.ಎಮ್.ಬಿ)
6. Survey Prati Book (ಸರ್ವೆ ಪ್ರತಿ ಪುಸ್ತಕ)

Bhoomi Citizen Services

To avail of the benefits of Bhoomi RTC Citizen Services, you have to first login here. For this, your login ID and password are required here.

As soon as you log in to this portal, all the services of Bhoomi RTC Karnataka portal will be visible in front of you. So that you can download and print information related to any land record.

Bhoomi Citizen Services


In this way, by following all the information mentioned above, you can log in to the portal to avail any services.

Here we have also told you the process of login, with the help of which you can easily take advantage of the Bhoomi online portal issued by the Government of Karnataka.

If you still have any more questions related to this then comment in the comment box below.

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